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The 2024 World Superbike Championship (WSBK) promises to be exciting, with major changes in the rider and team landscape. The season will see high competition on the technical and competitive level, despite the reduced number of races compared to previous years.

Superbike 2024: how many changes on the grid

Jonathan Rea, the dominator over the past decade, will join the Pata Yamaha Prometeon WorldSBK team, replacing Toprak Razgatlioglu, who will move to the ROKiT BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team. World Champion Alvaro Bautista will remain with Racing – Ducati, while Nicolò Bulega will join the Borgo Panigale team.

n addition, there is great anticipation for the return of Andrea Iannone, who will race with Team GoEleven. Despite the limited number of races, WSBK 2024 promises thrilling on-track duels and high competitiveness among riders and manufacturers.

Technical and regulation changes

Superbike 2024 will feature several technical innovations that will affect the performance of the bikes and the dynamics of the races.

One of the main changes concerns the tank capacity, which will be reduced to 21 liters starting in 2024. In addition, a combined weight between rider and bike will be introduced, and there will be limits on RPM. These changes were established by the Superbike Commission, composed of representatives from Dorna, FIM and manufacturers, with the goal of ensuring balanced bike performance and promoting environmental and safety guidelines.

Another important new feature is fuel flow control. Starting in 2025, it will be mandatory to use a fuel flow monitoring system, and in 2024, two motorcycles from each manufacturer will be required to install a fuel flow meter and record data during tests and races.

These technical changes aim to make the championship more equitable and promote future development of motorcycles in line with environmental guidelines. It will be interesting to see how these innovations will affect the performance of the bikes and the dynamics of racing in the 2024 World Superbike Championship.


Toprak Razgatlioglu

Superbike: a new 2024 calendar and new points

The 2024 Championship will feature several sporting innovations that will affect the conduct of the races and the dynamics of the competition.

One of the main changes concerns the reduced number of races, with only 12 rounds, including 11 in Europe and only one non-European round to be held in Phillip Island, Australia. This reduction in the calendar could affect the strategy of drivers and teams, making each race even more crucial to the final standings.

In addition, there will be a minimum weight for rider and bike, which was already planned for 2023 but was cancelled just before the start of the season. This combined weight has not yet been reported and does not have to be the same for every combination. This innovation aims to ensure balanced motorcycle performance and promote environmental and safety guidelines.

Finally, there will also be changes in the concession point system, with an expansion to the top five finishers in order to improve the balance of performance of different brands. These sporting innovations will help make the 2024 World Superbike Championship even more exciting and unpredictable.

World Superbike Championship (WSBK) teams are preparing for the technical changes in 2024 through a series of adjustments and strategies. Iteams are coping with new technical regulations, including the combined weight between rider and bike, limits on RPM, and reduced fuel tank capacity. These changes require careful planning by teams, who will need to recalibrate the performance of their bikes and develop new race strategies to accommodate the changes.

In addition, teams are working to integrate the required new technologies, such as the fuel flow control system, which will become mandatory starting in 2025. This requires development and adaptation work by manufacturers and teams to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

From testing to the new year

Pre-season tests, such as those held in Jerez, provide teams with an opportunity to evaluate the performance of their bikes under the new regulations and make any changes before the season begins. In addition, teams are working closely with their drivers to optimize performance and adapt driving strategies to the new conditions.

In summary, WSBK 2024 teams are addressing technical changes through adaptation, development and planning work to ensure competitive performance and compliance with new regulations

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