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Saudi Arabian Oil Company, also known as Aramco, is a major sponsor of Formula 1. Aramco is one of the largest companies in the world by revenue and is the most profitable company globally. They primarily engage in the exploration, production, refining, distribution, and marketing of petroleum and its derivatives.

Saudi Aramco: A F1 global partner

Aramco’s involvement in Formula 1 began in 2020 when they signed a long-term global partnership deal with the racing series. It is rumored that the 10 years agreement is worth 45 Million Dollars per year. As a sponsor, Aramco aims to increase its brand visibility and recognition on the international stage. The deal includes Aramco branding on F1 circuits in several races, digital platforms, and race broadcasts. Additionally, the partnership was aimed at promoting sustainability and driving technological advancements in the motorsports industry.

This strategic partnership with Formula 1 marks a significant milestone in the company’s efforts to boost its global brand visibility and recognition. A key aspect of this collaboration is the commitment to advancing sustainable fuels and fuel-efficient engine technologies. Aramco, as a leading oil and gas company, has been working on developing advanced lubricants and high-performance sustainable fuels for transport technology.
The partnership aligns with Formula 1’s plans to become carbon neutral by 2030 and its focus on sustainability initiatives.

2022_french_grand_prix_52278951366The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Aramco’s involvement in Formula 1 also coincides with the introduction of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which was added to the calendar in 2021.
It is a night race that takes place on the Jeddah Street Circuit and marks a significant milestone in the country’s efforts to diversify its economy.
The race is set to stimulate investment in infrastructure, tourism and job creation. It is going to engage local communities and to create economic growth in Saudi Arabia while expanding its entertainment and sports offerings under the Vision 2030 initiative and its goals of economic diversification and developement.

Aramco and Aston Martin F1

Aston Martin’s F1 team, known now as Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula 1 Team, is another beneficiary of Aramco’s sponsorship investment. Under the long term sponsorship deal, signed in 2022, Aramco becomes the co-title partner and sponsor of the team, acquiring exclusive branding and sponsorship rights. The partnership also entails a licensing agreement, which enables the use of non-metallic materials developed by Aramco in the team’s F1 cars.
The specialized press report that the contracts contains an option for Aramco to own a 10% stake of the F1 Team.

fia_f1_austria_2022_nr._18_strollA strategic approach

Aramco’s initial placement offering (IPO) and its partnership with Formula 1 have been facilitated by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, which holds a significant stake in the oil and gas company. This long-term partnership not only contributes to the growth of Formula 1 as a global sport but also helps Aramco diversify its business and strengthen its international presence.

To wrap it up and possible future scenarios

Aramco’s sponsorship of Formula 1 and the Aston Martin team is a strategic move to enhance its global brand presence and showcase its commitment to sustainable fuels and advanced technologies, it extends beyond traditional sponsorship and branding opportunities. It opens doors for further collaboration in areas such as research and development, sustainability, and community engagement.

One potential area of collaboration could be the development of new materials and technologies for use in Formula 1 cars. Aramco’s expertise in material science and advanced lubricants can be applied to enhance the performance and efficiency of the cars, while also reducing their environmental impact. This collaboration could lead to breakthroughs not only in motorsports but also in the broader automotive and energy industries.

Another potential area of cooperation is in the field of education and workforce development. Aramco and Formula 1 could work together to create educational programs and initiatives that promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects. By fostering the next generation of engineers, technicians, and researchers, the partnership can contribute to the development of skilled workforces in both the energy and motorsports sectors.

Moreover, the partnership can potentially expand into other regions, promoting motorsports and creating new opportunities for local talent. By supporting the development of local racing teams, talent scouting programs, and educational opportunities, Aramco and Formula 1 can foster a thriving motorsports ecosystem in the Middle East and beyond.

The partnerships between Aramco, Formula 1, and Aston Martin F1 are not limited to traditional sponsorship and branding activities. It opens up possibilities for collaboration in research and development, sustainability, education, and local economic growth. By exploring these opportunities, the partnership can contribute to the evolution of both the sport and the energy sector, while promoting sustainability and creating lasting benefits for the communities they serve.

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