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Zoooooom! That’s the sound of many records being broken one after another. Formula E season 9 didn’t just rustle but exploded, sending shockwaves throughout the motorsport landscape.

Formula E

The meteoric rise of Formula E is impressive. Yes, it has grown: this year it recorded a staggering 17% increase in fans, which translates into a global fan base of 344 million. NASCAR, a major American series, is now looking at the tail end of Formula E.

This rise, mind you, has happened in a single decade, an extraordinary feat for any motorsport championship.

But it is not just about numbers, it is about market involvement and growth. With the United States and Germany experiencing a 45% and 30% increase respectively, the championship has become truly global. The surge in China, Brazil, India and South Africa further validates the infectious appeal of Formula E.



Diversity in performance, cohesion in spectacle

What about the races? 225 million viewers were glued to their screens. That is a 4% increase over the previous season. A nice number, isn’t it?

Formula E season 9 started with a bang in Mexico City, with the debut of the GEN3, a beast that redefines the concepts of speed and electrical efficiency.
The most powerful car ever used in the category, its innovative design created a trail of excitement and wonder. Although the GEN3 was the star of the show, the races were full of overtaking, drivers taking turns at the lead and record-breaking lap times.

Jake Dennis of the Andretti Formula E team took the first win of the GEN3 era in Mexico. The penultimate race in London again saw Dennis take the title of World Champion, with the competition hot on his heels. Team dynamics also shifted, culminating in a heart-stopping final race in which Nick Cassidy took the win for Envision Racing, leaving Jaguar TCS Racing’s Mitch Evans behind.

Leaders speak

At the conclusion of the season Jeff Dodds, CEO of Formula E spoke: ‘Formula E is revolutionising motorsport. Not only as a pioneer of entertainment and innovation, but also as a beacon of sustainability. Last season? It exceeded even our wildest dreams. GEN3 pushed the boundaries, elevating the spectacle of Formula E and bringing an unprecedented wave of fans and spectators. Rest assured that we are only accelerating, with ambitious plans to improve the show and further increase the growth of our fanbase.

It should be noted that the championship has seen seven different winners from six different teams. This season had it all: races winding through iconic cities, from Mexico to Monaco, unprecedented numbers of drivers in the lead and each team making its mark.

The ninth season also marked Maserati’s return to competition with the iconic Modenese manufacturer’s entry into the Formula E World Championship, and as if that wasn’t enough, Team McLaren also appeared on the grid.

Records, records, everywhere!

Before the curtain closes on Season Nine, another Formula E highlight: an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title. The occasion? The staggering speed record set by Jake Hughes of the NEOM McLaren Formula E team, who surpassed the previous benchmark by more than 50 km/h, reaching 218.71 km/h at London’s ExCeL. This monumental feat was achieved with the GENBETA car, a marvel created in collaboration by Formula E, the FIA, ABB, SABIC and Hankook, whose efforts produced this technological masterpiece that goes by the name of GEN3.

As Season 9 passes into history, all eyes are on Mexico City for the start of Season 10 on 13 January 2024.
Now the teams are preparing for pre-race testing in Valencia, Spain, next October and one thing is clear: the future of motorsport is electric, and Formula E is its torchbearer.

Note: Statistics are based on meticulous research conducted by Potentia Insight in July 2023.
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Silvia Schweiger
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