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What are the advantages of sports sponsorships?

If you are considering an investment in sports sponsorships, it is essential to exactly know the commercial advantages they can offer. I am pretty sure that you must have already asked yourself how a sports sponsorship can help you achieve your prospect consumers: or, at least, how it can help you improve your ROI; or, which is a far more important point, how all the advantages offered by the sponsorship can be used at best and accurately in a marketing plan. The purpose of this post is to illustrate the benefits you can get from investments in this business area.

sports sponsorship advantages

Advantages offered to your business by sponsorships

Sponsorships offer a large number of advantages. Whether you opt for a sponsorship in MotoGP, sponsorship in Formula E  or in another motor sports discipline, or in any other sport, the benefits you will enjoy are not exclusively and merely connected to brand awareness. Visibility is only the tip of the iceberg: it is definitely very important and it is the obvious advantage which everybody immediately perceives. However, the list of benefits is much longer.

Campaigns on several platforms

Sports sponsorships and visibility are closely tied together by the large mass of people who follow the teams, the tournaments, and the championships, including both goers to stadiums or racing tracks and TV viewers or social media users. Frequently, the audience use a combination of different channels (and devices) to obtain more information on the event. For your brand, this means having a unique opportunity both before and after the event: the opportunity to attract the audience attention while they are discussing a decision or sharing a highlight.

Targeting the audience before, during and after an event, both physically and online, in view of future races/matches/championships, is an efficient way to maintain the attention of potential customers for a long period of time. This strategy should, of course, be implemented using a platform that customers know well, e.g. Facebook or Instagram. The more often they see your brand, the more they will get familiar with it and will tend to associate it with the favourite sport they follow. This offers you the great chance of joining the conversation, providing significant information to the fans, building a large database, and having a direct relationship with them. Sport and storytelling can join forces to improve and enrich your social platform. You will have at hand exclusive contents you will be able to use to fire the passion of your customers.

A targeted fan base

The fan base, including ticket buyers and people interested in and chatting about sport online, is out there, easy for teams to reach and use for their own marketing activities. Brands involved in sponsorship activations have the opportunity to come into contact with their fan base and enjoy the resulting commercial benefits. The more the fan base of your ideal target is close to the fan base of the team sponsor, the greater the return on investments.

Having in-depth knowledge of the target (sports lovers in this case) offers the brand the opportunity to accurately select the best suited discipline to establish – through the sponsorship – a strong bond with the fans, who are interested in the sponsor’s products/services, and to engage them at precise times to successfully convert them into actual customers.

B2B & Corporate Hospitality

When it comes to B2B, the advantages of sponsorships must not be underestimated. A high level of corporate hospitality, with gourmet dishes, the possibility to meet players/riders and racers, and privileged viewing positions, is an excellent way to tease your best customers or to hold less formal business discussions in a more exciting context, away from your own office.

Which sport offers the best commercial advantages?

The icing on the cake

One of the sports having shown and still showing great commercial advantages and benefits in terms of ROI is undoubtedly MotoGP. The flexibility of this discipline combined with a 9-month-long calendar, including 19 races all over the world, offers excellent brand positioning opportunities with an attentive and significant target audience.

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