What are the benefits of MotoGP sponsorship?

MotoGP is the pinnacle of two-wheel motor sport – a key lifestyle, sport and entertainment brand that reaches audiences across the world.

MotoGP sponsorship is much more than a sticker on a bike or on a billboard. In fact, brand visibility is just the tip of the iceberg. MotoGP sponsorships give you lots of benefits – read on to find out what they are…

Why should you sponsor MotoGP?

There are multiple reasons to invest your money and time in MotoGP – here are just some of the factors that make it an incredible business opportunity for every kind of company and firm…

  • 280 million+ homes reached globally
  • 70% of viewers less than 35 years old
  • 9 months of breath-taking competition
  • On-field activities in 15 countries and across 19 races
  • 2,433,763 spectators at circuits last year

Sponsor MotoGP and you’ll find a passionate audience that you can utilise for the highest exposure value and largest global reach possible. MotoGP fans watch on average 14 races each year on TV, and are more positive about sponsors than fans of other sports – providing MotoGP’s partners with increased brand advocacy and purchasing potential for their products.

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MotoGP Sponsorship Services

Need more info? Here are some further statistics on MotoGP…

13 countries | 18 events | 4 continents | 9 months of competition | 80+ networks | 207 countries with live TV Signal | 280 million homes reached | 70% of viewers less than 35 years old | 13 years average following MotoGP | 70% watch the race with family and friends | 3,760+ TV personnel | 4,090+ journalists | 2,433,763 spectators at circuits last year | 76% would choose a brand because of its association with MotoGP | 65% have bought a product due to MotoGP sponsorship | 92 million+ visitors on the website during the year

MotoGP Sponsorship Services

How RTR Sports Marketing can help you sponsor MotoGP…

At RTR Sports Marketing we can help you kick-start digital activations with some of the world’s most recognised athletes and teams. We can help you leverage excellent B2B opportunities with some of the world’s top companies. And we can help you reach a highly engaged, dynamic audience of sports fans – fans who are predisposed to engage with your brand.

MotoGP Sponsorship Services

How do we do it?

We are MotoGP consultants, and we make use of the services of specialised companies in the data analysis field, providing surveys and evaluations of the impact of sponsorship activities on the media.

Doing so, we are able to exactly measure how much a company should spend in traditional media to cover the amount of visibility gained through a sports sponsorship programme.

Moreover, it is possible to calculate a precise ROI indicator for every on and off field event, from sampling and engagement to any other below the line activity.

Some of the campaigns we can help you with include:

  • Licensing opportunities
  • Top notch MotoGP hospitality packages for your best clients, prospects and partners

Both on-track and off-track events, to successfully bring the sponsorship out of the circuits and into schools, shopping centres, shops and city centres

MotoGP Sponsorship Services

In the end: the Reasons why

Visibility: With 19 races in 15 countries, MotoGP ensures superb visibility. There are 11.5 million viewers per race in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland and Belgium, making up 7,309 broadcasted hours.

A Global Market: MotoGP has an international audience, with established success in Western Europe and rapid expansion through Eastern Europe and Asia.

Values: MotoGP carries values that are recognised by millions of fans. Dynamism, excitement, innovation, passion, excellence, youth and internationality are just some of the key values of the discipline – something that’s proved by MotoGP’s youthful audience.

B2C and B2B opportunities: The MotoGP World Championship is not the only way to intercept the general public. In the paddock and through the hospitality packages you can find great business opportunities with other sponsors – providing unmissable potential for B2B agreements with the largest companies in the world.

Spectators at the circuits: MotoGP has a growing number of spectators at the circuits. These fans can be engaged with marketing initiatives for actions sampling, trial activities or simple brand awareness.

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MotoGP Sponsorship Services

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