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For professional drivers and riders, especially in the beginning or minor categories, to secure sponsors is an indispensable element in establishing and sustaining a successful racing career.

In this post we will explore the elements of an effective sponsorship proposal that can attract sponsors to your team or program. We will explore the different types of sponsorships, cash and in kind, and how they can benefit the parties involved.

We will explore the importance of creating young driver and team profiles that highlights your brand and personality to potential sponsors. By the end of this post, you will have gained valuable insights into how to approach companies with confidence and secure lasting partnerships.


Evaluation of the sports property and program on offer

Before approaching potential sponsors, it is critical to make an honest assessment of your organization considering factors such as size, importance, palmares, and status in the industry and to make a comparison with what is on offer in the market.

To create an effective sponsorship package, it is essential to identify all the benefits you can offer that go beyond just company logo placement on a race car or bike.

  • experiences , such as VIP hospitality, use of simulators and the like
  • special events
  • use of the showcar/showbike
  • merchandising
  • Logo visibility on communication materials and facilities
  • licenses
  • PR opportunities
  • B2B opportunities

In a nutshell, everything needed to prepare a rich and well-rounded offering that will help the sponsor achieve its goals. Think of him and not you.

Remember to include your social media as valuable tools in your comprehensive marketing plan. This should include traditional tools, but also leverage digital channels such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and platforms where fan engagement has proven fruitful.

How to create the best sponsorship package

Producing a beautiful brochure, especially a self-referential one, is not everything. Understanding what the company’s challenges and goals are is critical to the creation of effective sponsorship proposals. Remember what the pain points, goals, timelines and budget are before talking about your organization. It’s about looking for the right point of contact and basing your offer on the feedback you receive.


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Who do I talk to in the company?

Identifying the right person to contact within your target organization can make all the difference, and it is important during the first meeting to ask the right questions. In any case, before you begin, research your potential sponsors to get to know them better and find out who makes sponsorship decisions. Once you have identified the key decision maker, contact him or her to introduce you and your team. In case you cannot speak directly to the decision maker, the advice is to always try to speak as high as possible remembering that you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression.

What do I include in the proposal?

When drafting a proposal you must provide information about the audience that follows your sport: demographics, numerosity and geographic location are the basis from which to start. This data must be cross-referenced with the company’s race calendar and target audience.
Also outline the other benefits the company could gain from working with you and wrap it up the document with your unique selling point.

Provide potential sponsors with information on the frequency of updates they will receive from the team, such as through email alerts or social media posts, to ensure that they understand the potential ROI associated with the partnership and how this material can be used, for example, to spark internal communications operations. Put the logo on all the media you have available: website, letterhead, truck, box panels, hospitality, team magazine etc etc.

Measure and be flexible.

Implement a system to measure the visibility you get on TV and social to inform sponsors of the value generated on a monthly basis. Be flexible and, if asked to offer additional branding opportunities beyond logo placement, consider offering exclusive services such as content creation or specially designed events perhaps using team staff.

Think also of “small” companies

When looking for potential sponsorship opportunities, don’t forget about smaller companies that may not have large budgets but can still offer valuable help; local businesses can also be great partners.
Look to small companies as potential partners who can open the doors of their network of contacts to you.

Cash sponsorships and “barter” merchandise exchange

Cash sponsorship is the most classic and practiced form in the current sponsorship landscape. Sometimes, however, teams need to secure goods or services necessary to carry out their activities. Think of the team computers, the energy it takes to run a factory that could be provided by a factory worker, or the more modest cleaning and minor maintenance that every company, and official teams are emanations of companies, must include in their budget line items.

By offering both cash and in-kind sponsorship options, organizations are more likely to secure all the resources they need to carry out their activities. Flexibility and creativity are the key concepts in this area as well.

Frequently asked questions about race sponsorship packages

What should a sponsorship package contain?

A sponsorship package should include a comprehensive overview of potential benefits achievable by the sponsor, access to unique promotional opportunities, direct customer engagement through events or activations, and targeted media exposure across multiple channels and platforms. It must also outline the specifics of how these goals will be achieved in terms of budget requirements and expected timelines. Finally, it must provide evidence showing previous successes of similar campaigns.

Why is it necessary for teams and riders to have sponsors?

Sponsorship is an essential part of auto racing. It helps competitors cover the costs associated with participating in competitions, from design and construction of vehicles to travel expenses and equipment upgrades.
Sponsors not only provide financial support to teams and riders, but also help them gain worldwide visibility and recognition; in fact, they are used in their campaigns that amplify their status.

Without sponsorships, many drivers who reach
Formula 1
would not have been able to finance their racing participation early in their careers.

How do you write a sponsorship proposal?

A sponsorship proposal must be written simply and based on facts. Enter statistics and source sources. The proposal should outline the main goals and explain how they will be achieved and provide details on why sponsoring your team is the best choice for them.

Prove, based on past examples, that sponsorship is capable of creating a mutually beneficial partnership between your team and the potential sponsor. Accuracy and relevance are essential to make a persuasive case for why investing in your project is beneficial


Sponsoring a team or sporting event can be an effective way to reach one’s target audience and create or increase brand awareness. Sponsorship packages provide opportunities to build relationships with key stakeholders in the motorsports industry, as well as provide customers with unique access and experiences that will help increase loyalty and engagement.

Considering goals, budget constraints and the variety of options available, sponsorship is a flexible tool that adapts to different business needs, providing the highest return on investment when compared to traditional media. Take the time to understand the needs of each potential sponsor and emphasize the value of collaboration before making financial demands. You will be able to stand out from other teams vying for their attention and build privileged relationships.

Ultimately, to create effective proposals, it is important to understand the goals and budget of a potential sponsor before developing a document. In addition, smaller brands or local businesses that can offer valuable help not only financially but also in services and relationships should not be forgotten. If you take the time to emphasize value over money, you can stand out from the competition and start a long and fruitful partnership

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Riccardo Tafà
Riccardo Tafà
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